Login to the WordPress dashboard at https://prism4usa.com/wp-admin 

Select WPForms > All Forms

Select “download form”



Product title

The section marked “A” is the product title. To edit this text,..

go to “download form” and click on “HTML/Code Block.” This is used so PRISM can be italic.

In the “Code” window, you can edit the product title. Do not edit the code inside the “<” and “>” symbols.


Product price

The section marked “B” is the product price.

To edit the product price, go to the download form and click on the product price marked “B.”

Under “Item Price,” edit the price (without discount) of the product.


Discount price

For the discount price, you will need to edit 2 “Single Item” fields. Click on the first discount field shown below. 


Note: you will need to have a unique “Single Item” field for every discount price that is different. If the discount prices are the same, you may use the same “Single Item.”

Edit the fields outlined in red. The discount code is under “Conditionals.” 

The second field you must edit is the item price shown below. Click to edit. 

Under “Conditionals,” the matching discount code.

Note: For every discount code created, there must be a matching entry here.

Click “Save.”